When I was 19 I moved to Denver, Colorado from Flagstaff, Arizona with the sole purpose of snowboarding. I scraped every penny I had and when I wasn’t serving tables I spent my days exploring Colorado or on the mountain. It was there I went to Massage Therapy school and within that program found a serious obsession with anatomy and physiology. 


I quickly realized I could better help people feel amazing in their body if they exercised regularly and ate right, too. So I went for my associates in Nutrition, Strength, and Personal Training. Towards the end of it I found CrossFit and was introduced to a whole new side of fitness. I was working with Border Patrol Agents, Military, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters with goals well beyond esthetics. Physical performance was required daily. My outlook completely changed. I was still hungry for more knowledge so I enrolled and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and emphasis in Health Education.

Knowing I wanted to continue working with Tactical Athletes 

(First Responders, Military) I accepted a job as a civilian Fitness Specialist 

for the U.S. Navy. I was stationed on the USS CARL VINSON, an aircraft carrier. I ran classes, programs, and workshops all with the goal of 

improving Sailor’s fitness, health and resiliency. It was the greatest time I’ve ever had and I'll forever be grateful for the experience, the friendships and lessons I gained from it. After my time with the ship, the U.S. Navy awarded me the 

Meritorious Civilian Service Award which you can read all about here. 


Thanks to the Navy, I also found Zach. 

When he’s not disposing of explosives and jumping out of perfectly

good airplanes... we’re in the gym, on the road, on a trail, or crushing Netflix and cookies. 

I believe in fitness for purpose. Live, move, & eat well... Perform well