stand by for Email

Within 24 hours of your purchase, we'll add you as a client into our Programming Software, TrueCoach.

You'll receive an email from us, inviting you to the program.

Hit "Accept Invitation" and proceed to set up your profile.


The App

After you've set up your profile, go into your App Store and download the TrueCoach for Clients app.

Log in and you'll see your coming week's workouts uploaded under "Upcoming"


Day 1

Day 1 of your program will begin the upcoming Monday

We'll upload introductory workouts in the days leading up until then so you get moving right away and so that we see you've set up your app properly.


Mobility Tools

Your gym may or may not have the mobility tools you'll regularly need in your programming.

We highly recommend purchasing your own mobility gear including bands and lax balls.

Check out the GEAR tab on our website for exactly what we're referring to. 

You can purchase there, search them on Amazon, or likely find them at your local sporting goods store.


Direct Support

Your gym may or may not have all the exact equipment you'll regularly see in your programming.

You may have questions regarding terms used or abbreviations.

You may have a movement limitation and need an exercise substitution.

Join our Facebook Group.

Search for DAILY PERFORMANCE TASK in the Facebook search bar.

Inside you'll have direct access to the coaches and others performing the Daily Task, too.

Don't have Facebook? 

Send a direct message to your coach within the TrueCoach software.


Your Subscription

Your subscription is on a month to month basis.

If you're ever ready to cancel, just shoot us an email or direct message and we'll do so as quickly as possible.